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Dead Girl.

June 25, 2016
By FallenAngel11283 PLATINUM, Cincinnati , Ohio
FallenAngel11283 PLATINUM, Cincinnati , Ohio
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She is dead, she is dead inside. She’s feels invisible can you see her? She feels lost can you led her into the light?  Can you show her the way to freedom? The water flows, the birds sing, she sees the cars passing on the street. Life continues on things change, but she is still stuck in this depressing world. She was promised that things would get better. She is still waiting for them to get better, People say that they will help if you’re lucky they will for a while, but then they leave you like everyone else. Trust no one, hide your scars now before someone sees them! But don’t you want help with your scars? Yes of course but I’m scared. Love me please. Help me, Don’t leave me.

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