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The Great Unknown

June 27, 2016
By AlyssaAnnK SILVER, Youngstown, Ohio
AlyssaAnnK SILVER, Youngstown, Ohio
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There I was in life so fast

Only hoping the tortchuring pain won't last

My heart wrapped in many ties

Beacause if it breaks 

I'm scared that the passion will die


Standing still in the black frost

But only finding that it's me that will cost

Until I seee the vision of a hand

That guides me into the light that will forever stand


Tick, tock, the time goes

Into what I do not know

The fear, the desire

Which to aquire?


A voice in the distance

Through my mind's ears

Remains in the stance

"Trust me in the unknown 

And let me guide you through the tears"


So my heart runs the race 

Because Your Spirit is onsuming me 

Into that miraculous journey.

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