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July 28, 2016
By DrMitchellPhD PLATINUM, Riverdale, Georgia
DrMitchellPhD PLATINUM, Riverdale, Georgia
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"The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are." - Goldie Hawn

Sometimes I think I'm not that strong
But HE'S that force that carries me on
Sick of my small heart, made of steel
Sick of the wounds that never heal


'Cause I have lived my life in debt
I've spent my days in deep regret
Yeah, I've been living in the red
Oh, 'cause I can't forgive and I can't forget

Forget, just forget about it
Ain't no time to regret
Yeah, it's time to forget


Ever since I can remember
Life was like a tipping scale
Like an abacus I played with
Counting every win and fail


'Yeah, I've spent my youth in debt
I've lived my days in deep regret
Yeah, I've been living in the red
But I wanna forgive and forget


Forget, time to forget about that
Ain't no time for regret
Yeah, it's time to be letting go


Oh maby, you know
What I'm talking about
Got nothing to lose and nothing to prove
Oh baby, I'm bowing out
I'm bowing down


Yeah, I've been living with the Lord
I love that he always listens and cares      
Oh, all the time that I have wasted
Chasing rabbits down a hole
When I was born to be the Lord's child
I was born to walk in faith



Ain't no time for regret


I'm gonna leave the past behind
I've had enough, I'm breaking through
No pressing stop, erase, or rewind
That chain of thought that followed me


I've put my money where my mouth is
For the first time in my life

I've made mistakes, but I believe that
Everything was worth the fight

'Cause in the end, the road is long
But only 'cause it makes you strong

It's filled with peaks and twists and turns
Sometimes you have to LEARN TO FORGET ABOUT IT

The author's comments:

'Forget' is one of the poems that sheds a lot of light on my past and how I feel. It's one of the most emotionally driven poems I've written.

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