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Poison to my ears

July 31, 2016
By desi_0205 SILVER, Toronto, Other
desi_0205 SILVER, Toronto, Other
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I’m leaving i’m gone i may still be here we’ll never know
I may just appear i hop up i hop down the water
Below is so cold i’m froze to the bone they crack
And sting the blood curdling sing i hear the constant ping
The grandfather clock has now struck one
Look out the window up comes the sun
Time for fun his voice is sickening but music
To my ears if i close my eyes the shadows
disappear he whispers the poison in my ear i’m numb
And can't feel the pain my blood still leaves a stain
On everything because he is insane he splatters a piece of art a masterpiece he holds my heart

I won’t let him go take me away i feel my dreams dripping ready to play
Monsters from nightmares with devilish smiles dance around me but that’s not my style i look at him his smirk so big if only he was not such a ugly pig he whispers small thoughts and tugs the strings my head just rings and rings he holds such power over me i can move but hardly breath his nails sunk deep into my skin now the poison is sinking in his voice can hypnotise but his tongue trained by lies oh and then his eyes bear a thousand secrets and then she cries he is pulling tugging my heart it aches i hate him i love him the lines are never rarely straight he can break and re break if i make one wrong move everything he does causes a horrific mood the dark has become my home it’s all i've ever known he is blinding and so bright he has come he is my light but underneath he hides his little bit of demon inside his sins that tainted him are really not that slim

The author's comments:

This poem is about a girl who feels controlled by a man who is insane he is her light yet he is also the darkness he is her posion everything he does sickens her but she can't seem to get enough in a way he is her drug the drug that slowly kills her. 

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