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The Man at the Bar

August 22, 2016
By BeanBunBunny PLATINUM, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
BeanBunBunny PLATINUM, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
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I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith - 2 Timothy 4:7

'I knew this girl when I was seventeen

She used to look at the stars and make them cry because she was a moon stuck on earth

Just a reflection of greater things

Like her hopes and dreams and imagination

She cried everyday and burned everyday but she was too beat up

She couldn't stand up or get to her knees

So she never moved, never took action

Rotted away under roofs of verbal abuse and fear

Always looking through cracks at the stars and planets wondering if she would ever see a full sky

She saw the sun, but she could never reach it because she was convinced

Chained by ideas that the world only lets realistic people live

And that she could last just a bit longer

Thinking freedom was a few years away and never realizing it was at her fingertips

She grasped for stars and comfort and a strength she didn't want and didn't understand

Insisting that she wasn't going to stay there forever but we all knew

She hadn't moved in years

And there was nothing that would get her to her feet

But we bled ourselves out over her anyways and gave her our lives along with the stars

Offering her the sky if she would just take hold of opportunity's hand

And I bled myself dry and I cried for her because she had no tears left

No place to plant her feet and stand

She didn't even have roots anymore, just withered up images of what a home and real family were

And her limbs twisted away from the ceiling

She didn't know she could break open into the sky with her own two hands

Because she'd never wanted to'


That's what the man at the bar told me

I laughed at him and told him to sober up

But then I wonder if he isn't just me

On the inside

Wide awake wondering why everyone else is so dead

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