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The Other Side

September 7, 2016
By Darius_Nobles GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
Darius_Nobles GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
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'Today you are you, and that's truer than true. There's no one alive that's youer than you." Dr. Seuss


So we meet again,
the feeling that I demise.
The feeling of caring,
that I tried to hide.

I failed, I failed
when I constantly tried.
to keep it all together,
to hide it inside.

The feeling is hard to erase,
even harder to ignore,
but am I able to take the step,
and close the other door.

I know who I am,
but I know I can be much more.
To be the sweetest inside,
when its not the face I wore.

I push away the pass,
filled with distrust and doubt.
To exposed the man,
pushing the gentleman out.

Can you see past the face,
That I've wanted to hide.
For me to open a new door,
meeting you on the other side.

The author's comments:

This article was written to show the side of me that I want to be for that special person. Although she's seen the bad side of myself, but i hope that doesnt affect the future decisions.

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