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Wish I Could

September 15, 2016
By HaleyMarie31 BRONZE, Odell, Nebraska
HaleyMarie31 BRONZE, Odell, Nebraska
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I wish I could see you 


And look underneath your skin 


Find all those little quirks 


That make you unique 


Find those things that make others like you


I want to get to know you better 


And see you for you 


But its so hard to do 


When all I see are you flaws 


Flaws on the outside 


And flaws on the inside


I'm tired of looking


At the girl in the mirror 


Tired of telling her


What I wish I could find and see 

The author's comments:

This poem is in the perspective of a young girl who wants to look in the mirror and really see herself and not her appearance or her character flaws.  Hope you enjoy. :)

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