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My 3 Poems From 6th Grade

November 4, 2016
By KKbubbles_12 SILVER, Charles City, Iowa
KKbubbles_12 SILVER, Charles City, Iowa
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is the leaves
crumpling beneath
your feet; Autumn is
the crisp breeze against your
coat; Autumn is hot cocoa, a tasty
treat; Autumn is the marshmallows that
float; Autumn is your Thanksgiving
feast, oh so sweet; Autumn is a warm
blanket along your spine;
Autumn is my favorite
season, so



Some are short and some are tall

It will shatter if you let it fall

You use it when you brush your hair

Or want to give yourself a scare :)

It will show you what you are

In your room near or far…




It holds a story
someone else told.
Waiting for you to
read it and behold.
To turn to the next
       To figure out the
      ending,  no matter
      how engaged

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