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November 22, 2016
By writer-violist DIAMOND, Jenks, Oklahoma
writer-violist DIAMOND, Jenks, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

It was coming back from a good day, a very good day.
The moon peeked out from beneath the light, low clouds
and the cool air outside left streaks of frost lining the windows
of the car and fog on the inside, hot breath adding to the
bubbly heat soaring throughout the vehicle.

The girl sat in the plushy, comfortable seat, beautiful
blue icey eyes closed and remembering what had happened
just a couple of hours ago. The two outstanding performances,
massing, heavy metal on a ribbon, gel, hairspray,
poofed up hair, gorgeous, heavy makeup and royal blue
costume that matched the theme of the show perfectly.

Feeling as if she was on top of the world below all of the people,
standing, dancing, and marching on that soft, turf-filled field.
She smiled and smiled and smiled, her heart filled with passion.
Every note that had escaped her mouth was flawless, whole,
and heard, and the flute articulated each measure wondrously.

The whole marching band played together with the crowd
cheering and cheering, never stopping cheering.
The sound of hands on hands, clapping, she would never,
ever forget the roaring, yet peaceful sound of the clapping.
It was a sign of appreciation, power, and affection.

The car was slowly driving along through the night without
much traffic on the main roads since it was way past twelve
in the morning, the birds and animals of the day already
sleeping and curled up in their homes.

Animals of the night were out to play, walking, running,
scrambling around in the trees, and a deer walked right
into the road, immediately alarmed by the oncoming bright lights.
It collided with the car strolling down the street
and stumbled back into the forestry away from the crash.

The family in the car was shaken, and quickly pulled over
onto the shoulder of the road, breathing shallow breaths
and sighs of relief. She clutched her chest, the engraved
metal proving that this day had actually happened
tingling in her pulsing, sweaty palms, wisps of hair
sticking to her forehead.

She breathed in and out quietly,
rising and falling to a slow, steady beat.
Her father went out to check the car, her grandmother
and older sister still calming down.

Just as they were about to pull away from the shoulder,
a giant, speeding car whipped past the corner, flying towards them
at lighting speed. They thought he would pass them on the main
road, however they realized in a second that he was coming for them.

She could hardly brace herself in a reflex motion before everything
changed. Her eyes became wider than they had ever been
before as he smashed into their car, crushing it, in and in and in.
The scraping, crashing metal was like the Titanic
hitting the gigantic iceberg, the sound of dying, decaying,
and awful tragedy.

It was a crash unlike what she had seen before.
It was like nails on a chalkboard, buildings exploding, bombs
going off everywhere, monstrous waves and earthquakes.

In just that second, there was a bright white light of the front lights,
and she was taken instantly, her father and grandmother with her.
The impact crushed her, screams escaping the car before
they fell completely silent, stopped short, as the deadly red blood
seeped from their wounds and white cartilage and bone
poked near the tips of their broken skin.

Her eyes remained open and lost their icey coloring, dimmed down
to a burned out christmas light, fading and then fading some more.
He skin lost it’s color, becoming paler, paler, paler.
Her fingers had to let go of the metal, it’s ribbon snapped from
her precious neck and flung onto the floorboard. Her hair
lost it’s poof, the high piled bangs now a knot
on top of her head, bobby pins unable to hold the weight.

Her soul was removed from her body, in perfect acuteness
as it rose and marched and danced up and up and up
while singing the beautiful melodies of God as he took
her and her grandmother and father into Heaven.
Her sister was left on the earth, now to stay and complete
God’s will for her life.

Those on the earth who heard
the girl’s story remember her amazingly.
They wear blue for her and her school,
take photos, make posters and signs,
pray for her and help in anyway possible.

She looks down on us always, singing and 
dancing with the Lord every single day.
Even though this tragic incident took place
that very early morning, we love
her and she will not be forgotten.

The author's comments:

This is in memory of one who was lost. 

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