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It's The Place

December 12, 2016
By desi_0205 SILVER, Toronto, Other
desi_0205 SILVER, Toronto, Other
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"were all mad here"-Alice in wonderland
"Life is short so talk fast"-unknown

It's the place where the  water works  start it's the place with squeezing on my heart it's a place where I'm  pushing closer to the edge it's a place where thorns cut me its it's a place where I'm blinking in and out my eyes they swarm the voices shout it's a place with  pointing fingers at me now it's it's a place where I want to get it off my chest tell the people then i'll rest it's filled with pity I'm an  attention hoar now I'm mad a where I need no more a place where I think why did I text or send that pic just wanted someone to make me feel a place when the people who surround me and are supposed to care r not there a place where  there there but there hurting me more words are thrown I hit the floor a place where  I cower away and hate myself for things I did not cause a place where words and lies swallow me up a place where I need a savior a light in my dark but it's it's a place where no one's there a place where  when I call out I instantly regret a place where  I don't want them to know but I do? Don't I? A place where  I need someone to know but they won't care?  Will they? And it's a dark place it's a cold place it's an alone place its a place where I need friends but it's it's a place they do not venture  it's a place where I feel stuck because  it's a place I know is filled with  lies but  it's the place where I believe there true it's a place where I needed someone it's a place where I needed you...

The author's comments:

I wrote this when I felt I was in this "Place" a little over exaggerated from what I was feeling but I wanted many peiople to be able to relate. Though the last few sentences were written about someone. 

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