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Charlotte has spun her last Web

December 29, 2016
By AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Only you and I can help the sun rise each morning. If we don't, it may drench itself out in sorrow - Joan Baez

A vibrant, swift-thinking spider taught us so much

Friendship took on a whole new meaning

You are not just friends when its happy and sunny

True bonds form in a time of doubt and fear, it

then flow in profusion


Wilbur was set to die, but

Ms. Cavatica made him terrific

She humbled his presence,

made him alive and radiant

Above all that pig small and weak,

who ate garbage out of a trough,

was turned into some pig


We were taught kindness,

and shown that you can truly love a friend

Charlotte has now disappeared into the night

Everyone around will remember though

Wilber will cry no more

Nothing and no one shall harm them now

The author's comments:

A tribute to Ms. Debbie Reynolds. Charlotte's Web was my favorite movie when I was a child. She will be missed.

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