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The Big Game

January 17, 2017
By Daniel.W.Evensen PLATINUM, Eagle River, Wisconsin
Daniel.W.Evensen PLATINUM, Eagle River, Wisconsin
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Isaiah 40:31
Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will run and not be faint, walk and not be weary.

The pitcher on the mound
sweats under the sun.
The sun, as hot as fire.
Silver beads from upon his golden brow.
First a ball,
then a ball,
then a ball still.
The batter is shaking,
like a leaf in the wind.
The windup.
The pitch.
The swing.
Screams the ump.
Two more pitches follow suit,
followed by, YOUR OUT!
The crowd erupts into wild applause.

Banging bats and beating gloves

The dugout is going wild.
The batter trudges to his dugout.
The pitcher wipes his brow.
He smiles at the cheering crowd,
to see me smiling back.

The author's comments:

This poem is dedicated to my younger brother who, a couple years ago was able to pitch his first game of baseball. I was so proud of him, but I kind of forgot about it until now. Here's to you, little buddy.

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