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Dates and Dimes

February 6, 2017
By AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
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The engine of my dirty white truck sputters

down the hilly road

I hear a spuring sound every time, I try to accelerate

Most likely, wasted twelve dollars of gas trying to speed

I was headed to my crushes's home

With my parents out of town it was safe to go

Going to the other side of the city was such an adventure to me

I'm not allowed to go a lot of places, especially this house

My smile was wide during the entire ride

I veered off the road a couple times because I was so nervous, it was hard to concentrate

Butterflies swirled through my upper body

Turning the wheel as I entered the neighborhood

I felt my nerves tightening my body up, and

even more parking in the driveway

There, sitting on the porch swing, was

in my eyes a person whose fairness where beyond my comprehension

Sitting and swinging, I saw a box in those two hands

It didn't have a top, but it was wrapped in bright paper

Was that for me?

I didn't have anything to give in return

The hand motioned for me to come on the porch

I rolled down my window, "Just give me one second. I'll be right there."

"Hurry, I really want to see you." The voice said back to me

Rumaging through my vehicle, trying to find something worthy enough to give

All I could fine was a bag of dates I had boughten earlier, and

hiding in the console were two dimes

I grabbed bothe the dates and the dimes, before getting out of the truck

Isn't it comical how lame this was?

I spoke first, "I'm sorry I don't have a gift great enough to match your greatness."

A look of bewilderment came across that face, as

I handed over a bag of dates and two dimes

I won't forget these words, "Is that why it took you so long to come on the porch? You think you need to give me something? The only present I need right now is you, but I will accept your bitter raisins and pocket change."

Reaching out, the hand ruffled my hair, both of us started laughing

"Wait! Check this out!"

Turning around picking up the box with wrapping paper

I saw there wasn't a present in it, but a puppy

A tiny, latte' brown dog with its eyes closed

"I found him in the gutters earlier this morning, and I wanted to show him to you. I am going to keep him."

My smile started to widen back, as I gently touched the tiny pup

The rest of the afternoon was just wonderful

My crush and I held hands, starred at the dog, and swung on the oscillate

I fed dates into that sweet mouth, and scavenged around for eight more dimes

At least I can try and give an actual dollar, I thought

Now, it has been a long time since this event, and

both of us have since moved on

Neither of us will ever, ever forget

The dates and the dimes

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