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I Need To Ask For Forgiveness

February 21, 2017
By Natie SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Natie SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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I need to ask for forgiveness
From the moment I promised that my love was enough
Or when I promised that I could love you enough
And it actually be enough for the both of us
I need to ask for forgiveness
I broke those promises when I decided to run away
The moment things became too hard
For me I couldn’t breathe
It still felt like love
But my loss for air was much different than it was when we first kissed
When you first told me you loved me
First saw you walk into the room
First sat in front of me, and smiled and etched yourself into my memory
The first of many trips you drove your way to my heart
The first of lasts that I ever wanted with anyone else
I confused the two
I loved you, and yet I still wanted to run away
How exactly could I explain that
I need to ask forgiveness
For being so careless and being spoiled in the immersion of your patience and your care
I took it all for granted
How dare I say I loved you
I could not show it, so was there any worth in my words at all
I need to ask for forgiveness
When I say I love you I meant it
And yet my actions could not testify on my behalf
I have all the intent to prove my case, but my lack of evidence ruined the trial
I need to ask forgiveness
Because I wish you saw the way I see you
Breathe you, bleed you in every beat of my heart
I wish you could see me love you in the prescription of my mind and the deepest parts of my soul
Then maybe you could accept my need to ask for forgiveness
I wish I knew how to express my love into actions
Turn it into something you could watch and eat starbursts to
Kick back in your seat and fall asleep to the montage of how I feel
But instead I wrote this
I need to ask forgiveness
All I have are words and I know they aren’t enough
And they might never be enough
But I pray to my God that I will be enough and enough to be loved by you.

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