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February 28, 2017
By RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Everyday I'm grieving
And I can't find no peace in
The things that kept me woke
Now choke my throat until I'm sleeping

Clouded, by the smoke
And the mirrors that I can't see in
Towered, by the hope
Of my failures not being repeated

I stare at reflections
Tempted, to jump into the deep end
Caring for the angels
Who transformed into my demons

Sore deep in my soul
As my heart takes another beating
I try to dodge the blows
With ineffective bob and weaving

Cold, from head to toe
Every fiber in me is freezing
Bold, to all my foes
But the enemy still keeps their distance

No, is the opposite
In opposition, when I won't listen
Coins, I deposit
But the wishing well don't want my business

Still I can't stop
All these feelings by which I'm stricken
All the lines were crossed
You came stocked for a crucifixion

My heart is still grieving
And pleading for some direction
On the floor I'm bleeding
Laying in a sea of red specs

Drop to my knees
My arteries fall through my rib cage
While reliving all of my mistakes

So out of place
Now it's clear that I'm the lost one
Hands to my face
As I shake my head like a maraca

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