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Nothing Started

February 28, 2017
By RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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I've been in storage for a minute
Nothing started, is nothing finished
The only cure for this war
is just a taller glass of guiness

I often get defensive
When I pour all my heart in it
nothing more or nothing less
when I'm caressed way past my limits

The more I take a step
is the further that I finesse
When I'm curled up, knees to my chest
and burn these trees down to a crisp

But this deforestation
makes me see new correlations
Should I stay or should I go
in a place where i dont exist

Indeed that is the risk I'm taking
Lost along the freedom trail
But still enslaved in
A place that it is my living hell
Not a Safe haven

This body has hidden arteries.
With all the scars
of the problems that I have dealt with

If I holla, then I'm mistaken
If of feminine persuasion
If I'm going on a date,
and they ask "who?"
I better say "him"

I've been waiting here in a constant
I relate to what I see often
I'm awakening the lost piece
of the pain left in my conscience

Pleading from my chest
Still Im leaving it to the rest
of the people thats on my mind
to exceed it, and nothing less

Thinkin "how did i morph
to this high horse?"
Then come to find,
what's in my mind
is not inside yours

And every time I-
cry till I'm hoarse
by then I'm sure
this ain't what I applied for
Find the side door

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