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My Kingdom

February 28, 2017
By RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
RochelleR. GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Was lonely in a crowded room
Void. Not sure just how to move
Then I saw your soul
Needed no more.
Was sure that that'll do

Where are we going?
Unknown longitudes and latitudes

We're stormy
every other morning
Still I'm never truly mad at you 

I don't seek to endorse your attitudes
when I feel for a drink, tho I've had a few
Cuz as liquids pour
What's hidden, is born
This heartbeat soaring from it's catipult

I'm so sure we're compatible
And tho words hurt,
they still don't lack the truth

That's when my torso
becomes torched with mad endorphins
That blaze up like flamethrowers
when I take an L, and swallow fumes

But before defeat, I'll follow through
til I reap the deed to the love you keep
No peaceful sleep.
Won't be complete
without the key to all of you

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