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March 25, 2017
By SkyeBabyPrincess BRONZE, Carriere, Mississippi
SkyeBabyPrincess BRONZE, Carriere, Mississippi
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My knees start to shake 

When you're in my sight 

My mind is filled with wonder

My heart with fright 

When will this feeling stop 

When did it start 

Did it start when I laid my eyes on you 

I don"t know when it start but 

I can't listen to my mind 

Without breaking my heart

I am so confused 

I have to choose 

what I should do 

But I can't think of anything except you 

You are always on my mind 

No matter what I do 

I can't get my mind off of you 

Should I ingore you or just give it time 

How much time should I give I don't know anymore 

Because my heart controls my mind and everything

I do and say 

I am so confused 

The author's comments:

I wrote last summer I don't remember why I wrote this and I decided that I should share it so I hope ya'll like it 

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