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The Real Reason Why I Write

April 1, 2017
By SkyeBabyPrincess BRONZE, Carriere, Mississippi
SkyeBabyPrincess BRONZE, Carriere, Mississippi
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Have people ever ask you why you write?
People ask me before why I write and I said
I write to feel the emotions inside me the
The things that I can’t say aloud
The things I keep bottle up inside
Writing is a escaped for everything for me
From the bullies at school who make fun of me
The people that I thought was my friends but wasn’t
Nothing more than a trader a liar a two face friend
The people who do nothing but break you a million times
The people who always lie to you
The drama that is going on at any point of time
It helps me speak my mind
With writing I say stuff that is amazing
And no one judges my writing
I write because it helps me know what I feel
It helps me stay calm at moments I need to
It helps me cope with the impossible
It helps me with all kinds of trouble that I get in
It helps me focus on my when I need to
But most of all I write because I have
A passion for writing I do it because
It feels right to write
I would love to persuade a career as a journalist
But I can’t because I want to go into the Navy
Then after the Navy go to college get my degree in
Marine Biology or Criminal science
I am not sure yet I just know I want to do science
For the rest of my life but then I want to write
To influence although people to be the person that they love
And for them to know there is always hope in this world for them No matter what happens
In their lives and that writing
Is the best the thing in the world to know
And that it has so many purposes 

The author's comments:

I guess i just got bored and i started writing a new one and i didnt even think what i wanted to write about i just started writing and this is what i came up with hope yall like this one to 

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