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Breath after breath

May 3, 2017
By shushu_a7 BRONZE, Sandbach, Other
shushu_a7 BRONZE, Sandbach, Other
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Bravery is not the absence of fear but rather the knowledge that something else is more important

In the dark, you gasped for air
And in the air you found me
Gaseous and pliant and guilty and
Never wondering if I could ever make you see
See the hope that lies behind the fear;
See the anger that fuelled my ‘beauty’.

And as you took breath after breath
You swallowed me.
I pushed against your lungs
Forced them open and closed and open
And bit by bit you let me.

Through the skin of your veins
Into your heart round and round breath
After breath.

But the dark kept growing,
Further and further
even a gas can’t fill forever
And so breath after reluctant breath you devoured me until,
All that was a left was a few atoms of guilty,
That ran and lied:
They could hope your lungs wouldn’t cease to be.

The author's comments:

To G, 

Because I was having a conversation about suicide and depression, because of a stupid TV programme, and I was judging someone for not doing anything. Then I realised I was hypocrite. So, I guess this is a sorry for being a coward, and hope that wherever you are you're good.

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