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The Misleading Sunset MAG

May 23, 2017
By Daniel_May27 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
Daniel_May27 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
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The horizon screamed a brilliant red
But only for a second, then it vanished
The familiar joy was replaced with dread
My family’s happy talk seemed to be banished
I smiled for only but a second, for I knew
our fate was upon us
The sky flashed again, this time the light
was closer, closer
It was time to wrap up any unfinished business
My mom told me to go to the shelter;
at this time I knew not to oppose her
We huddled together, neck hair rigid with fear
I could now sense the sunset drawing nigh
With the echoes of bombs getting near
The cup was not half-full, but bone dry
Our ceiling came down
My blood started to chill
From my body came a reddish-brown –
Who knew a sunset could kill?

The author's comments:

The only thing is, the sunset really isn't a sunset.

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