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To Be Grateful

September 24, 2017
By CianaB GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
CianaB GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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When I was trying to think of what to write
I said
My topic is life and I’m really indecisive
So what does this poem look like for me
How can I choose just one of the things in life
If I can’t even decide what I want to eat
Even though starving people all over the world
Can barely get enough to last each day
They aren’t faced with the choice of pasta or bread
But they’re caught in a battle between life and death
Because such darkness in this world is real
Whether you choose to believe it or not
And along with famine there’s war and disease
And there’s heartbreak
And disappointment
And pain
And you try and grasp as much joy as you can
Yet you end up catching all the misery and hurt of the world
Because when you spread out your arms to shield other people
You got torn apart by the explosion
Which in reality doesn’t make sense
Because everyone on Earth has already been saved
But when many try to look at the bigger picture
They see life as nothing but a game
With people who like to follow the rules
To the ones who will do anything to win
And it’s great that everyone is unique
But if we let our past define our future
And we’re always racing to get ahead
Then what happens to the moment we’re in
Which is why it’s important to be present every second
So that we’re here to relish in the beauty
That’s always floating around
Yet stays invisible to many
The beauty of a girl gaining the courage to do the right thing
The beauty of a boy realizing that it’s okay to cry
The beauty of knowing that while you and everything around you changes
The river never stops flowing
And being lowered into the ever flowing river
Is like diving into a world of discovery
Because beneath the surface
It’s deeper than the eye could ever see
And this place is what I strive for every day
Because although pain still exists
And it tries to control you
There’s never a doubt that something better is coming
And you’re able to pray when nothing is working
Because you know that eventually
Something will work
And it will outweigh the suffering
But for now
Good and bad both exist
And they both want to fill the pages of your life
A composition not yet finished
And the composition is like no other because
Each word is unable to be taken back
Each action has an impact on the end
Each thought leads to a greater understanding
And when I reflect on my own unfinished composition
I see fear and pain and sadness, and I see joy and relief and love
And I realize
There’s so many things in my life to be grateful for

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