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Janie's Love

November 1, 2017
By EGR2100 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
EGR2100 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
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When winter turned to spring,

the blossoms coming through,
under the pear tree, over the gate,
that was where her first kiss locates.
Johnny Taylor was just a kiss,
more like a miss,
because Logan Killicks came sweeping through.

Logan was good, did no harm,
but Janie felt as though it was charm,
she did not love that man,
even though she tried,
but then came Jody Starks,
the big idea guy.

Jody Starks was good, until he got jealous,
he made Janie working the store that she hates,
restocking, cutting, and selling things,
all became her new luxury.
Jody bought a sweet old ass,
but he didn’t realize that would be him,
soon to be dead by kidney failure.
His time had come, he was dead,
Janie was content with being alone again.

The good young man who taught Janie checkers,
what a sweet man, what a sweet cake,
it was nobody other than Teacake.
He loved Janie through “death do us part”,
and made Janie realize that this was her life,
it wasn’t a fake, this was real life,
a blue satin dress, and the freedom she wants.
They went to big Lake Okechobee to make a good profit,
by working with others until the seasons ends.
Then a hurricane comes and their world bends.

Back to the pear tree where it all began,
comfort, love, her calm before her life took a turn.
First there was Johnny, who she kissed by the tree,
then there was Logan who gave no luxury,
Jody was okay until he didn’t agree,
then Teacake, oh Teacake the one meant to be.
All this was thought and told until the pear tree.

The author's comments:

This poem is a response to Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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