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Darkness Can't Have Me

November 17, 2017
By Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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Dark paths, shadows creeping in
Suffocating, darkening, terrifying
A road destined to be followed
And no possible way to break free

The allure is terrifying but beautiful
The artistic spirals in which it works
Covering me, a sickeningly warm embrace
Leaving gorgeous yet dark trails

Scars left unseen but not undone
The darkness pauses for a time
Breath fills my lungs, I laugh in joy
A moment of peace in the hell of this place

The dark closes in once again
Closer than before, clawing at my throat
Tightening its grasp, leaving gashes and cuts
The pain, truly unbearable now

For the first time in years, I cry
The darkness doesn’t mind, tightening still
I cry out as it yanks away love
Leaves a gushing tear in my heart

Finally, it’s over and I laugh
Tears streaming down my face
The pain is still there, but I am no longer
Forced to pay attention to it, to feel it

The dark first takes great interest
In my lack of acknowledging it
Thinking it’s just some sort of game
That I’m daring it to push me further

But, as I picture my life, just like it is
The positives, instead of focused
On the darkness tearing everything away
It loosens it’s grip, unsure how I’ve done it

The light is stronger than what the dark’s done
The amount of love tops the hate
Once thinking the dark was beautiful, it’s nothing
Not compared to the light, it’s brilliant gleam

Clawing again, the dark tries to make another mark
But it’s twisted claws can no longer do damage
The scars heal, skin sews itself back together
The light pushing the dark away again

Dark paths, but light skies
Interesting, painful, but glorifying
A road with a beautiful end
Can’t break free, but easy to beat

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