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Illusion of Happiness

November 17, 2017
By Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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Smiling, he’s so happy forever
His eyes finally land on her
Excited, he holds the gaze
Scared, he moves away

Bad feelings fill him as he
Rounds the corner, leaving her be
Entering the house, she leaves his mind
After all, he’d left her behind
Kindly grabbing something for a friend
Into the girl’s garden once again
No, don’t look into her eyes, he thinks
Green, beautiful, looking down, his heart sinks

I’m not what she wants or needs
Not good enough, he believes
Sweeping through the plants, out
Into the yard, suppressing a shout
Drying his eyes, he smiles again
Ever smiling, until the very end

The author's comments:

I have no Idea why I wrote this, but read the sentence made out by the first letter of each line

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