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Who I am

November 17, 2017
By Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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I stand for what's right
People try to tell me not to
But then I can't sleep at night
I focus on what's right and true
You think it's okay to make fun
To stand there and point the gun
Shoot through someone's feelings
Despite the impossibility of healing
Knives cut through his heart
Tearing, slitting, gashing
They takes turns tearing him apart
Cutting him down without asking
The wrecking ball slams into her
Shattering everything she believes in
There was once a day where she was sure
Now life's got her beaten, pinned
I'm told to focus on myself
I get why you say those words
But what's really good for my health?
Seeing people harm others hurts
Look, I understand why
You don't want me to cry
But there are things you don't get
You don't want me to be a target
But I need to stand up for what I believe
So I don't have to watch those I love grieve
There are people who can't possibly stand up
Who are already broken and beaten down
They shouldn't be asking why they aren't enough
I want them smiling, not full of frowns
It's a hard world to live in
People don't treat me right
They say I'm full of sins
Though all they do is fight
If I am sinning, by being me
Then I want all of them to see
I don't care that I'm a sinner
My love's outer, not inner
If I can help people who don't have a voice
Then that will give my life purpose
I get your worry, but this is my choice
To show every person that they are not worthless

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