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November 17, 2017
By Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Cwyn8 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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Daddy, oh daddy, where have you gone
Daddy why are you away from home
These nights that I sit here and cry
Ever still wondering the reasons why
How could you leave me here like this
Not even knowing how much you've missed
Daddy oh daddy why did you go
You'll never see your baby girl grow
How could you leave an infant, so small
By the time you see her, she'll have grown so tall
All the time you've spent away
We've been sitting here, counting the days
Begging for a time when you would come back
So we can escape pain and panic attacks
All the time spent wishing upon a star
The nights we add to our collection of scars
Daddy oh daddy why can't you see
You being gone is killing me
I've been raising your baby girl
Teaching her how to sing and to twirl
Hoping one day you will come back for her
I'm starting to become not quite so sure
But she needs her father, I don't want you for me
To me you're a want, no longer a need
But she doesn't understand why you're so far
All she knows is without you its hard
Hard to live and survive each day
Hard to manage and lessen the pain
So daddy oh daddy, I'm asking for the little one’s sake
Please come back, the place of a father to take?

The author's comments:

When your parents leave you behind, you're bound to be upset. this is my take on it

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