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pressure of society

November 17, 2017
By justarandom BRONZE, Auckland, Other
justarandom BRONZE, Auckland, Other
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He holds my bleeding arm


"do it" he says


I will resist


He cuts my arm


"do it" he growls, his voice fulled with venom


I will resist.


Cuts slice my body in pain


"do it" he yells, all patience gone 




I am in pain.


I am hurt.


I will relent.


I will not .


I am weaking.


My reslove is breaking.


Fire burns through me as another gash opens up, deeper this time.


"do it, join me"


I break.


I can not fight any longer.


I take the easy option.


"okay..." i just barely breath out through the pain


"Welcome to society darling" he whispers as


 a chain attaches to my limp ankle


 and im put into a cage.




I have joined him.


I have done it.


I am now a member of society


I am free, in my cage


I can move, where my chains allow


Every day, i panit myself to reflect others


And others paint themselves to reflect me


but now i am nothing.


I am gone.


I reflect nothing.


Others reflect nothing.


We are reflecting nothing.


We are nothing.


Surely now that i have lost everything of importance


and gained everything of unimportance,


Am now ready to join society.


I have joined society.


I am society.







"do it" I say


She will not resist me


I slice her arm


"do it" i snear into her ear


Pain washes over her young face


She must not resist me


She is weak


"do it "


The blade cuts deeper this time.


She has given up.


"okay..." she breaths in painfully


I clamp a chain around her limp ankle


And close her into her new cage.


"welcome to society darling" i whisper as i hand her


A bucket of paint,


A pair of scissors,


A distorted mirror,


And incomprehensible ideals.


Just as the permanent lock click into place.


I walk away


I have won


I am society


And youre my next victim. 

The author's comments:

This short story thing is just where my train of thought lead me after thinking about the pressure we are put into to join soicetys ideals and how we are forcing them apon others.

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on Jan. 10 2018 at 11:18 pm
some_dude SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I really like the symbolism in your poem. I also feel society breathing down my neck, poking a gun near my chest, telling me to 'do this" or "say this".