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Golden Mirage Cruise

November 29, 2017
By CosmoPhoenix PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Kerala, Other
CosmoPhoenix PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Kerala, Other
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Glowing golden waves light our long way,
Closest to our sides throughout,
As we sail across the deep blue seas,
Of the mighty life,
On uncharted waters,
With maps none but our own lessons,
Contented with the colours surrounding,
Living through the darkness,
Like a lone cruise ship.
Leaning on the oceanly wisdom,
For loyal support and light,
And, for a love that vanishes not
Like the deluding rainbow, but
Like the Sun that never fails,
Radiating even the sooty night,
As the cryptic whitewashed moon.
Still, the ship sails slow,
Encircled by eeries of the night,
Shining like the brightest star
In the skies up yonder,
None to stop but the grace of
The willful existence
That stands like solid glaciers,
Marking our milestones along
The gloomy tides betraying our senses.
The dawn lines the dim horizon,
Luring our lives like a magnet,
Through miseries high and low, and
Seconds of joy that remain undead,
Through times eternal.
Let us sail on, comrades,
Till the waves dance not, and
The stars fade out,
Until the Sun decides
The time has come.

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