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For Those Who Are Late Illuminators

December 30, 2017
By Catniss SILVER, Jakarta, Other
Catniss SILVER, Jakarta, Other
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My flame has never flickered
It has never danced on floral scented wax

I have seen ones that roasted against fresh timber
Engulfing the hearty goodness
Plastering smiles on many faces
When I couldn’t even ignite

I have witnessed ones bigger and brighter than me
Posing behind stained glass
Glowing and enlightening
Giving warmth to ice cold souls
Providing light to those who were always stuck in the dark
I am just a miniscule spark
Lost in the midst of a shadow
Too alone to give light to even myself

I shall never forget the ones that illuminated the sky
Dominating the stars with their masterpiece faces
Their earsplitting crashing and booming
Portrays confidence I never could have

All it has ever taken were a few drops of water
For me to fade away into a wisp of smoke
And then nothing at all

I have also seen ones take down entire houses
Entire cities
Dismantling what had once been the elements of memories
Eating away countless innocent lives
And here I am
Pondering at the end of a matchstick
Because I was worried
That I would do the same

There are times when I know
I must come out from under the water
Where I must reveal my heartwarming insides to the world
I must singe truth into everyone’s minds
So, please
Don’t shield me from the spotlight
Allow for my time to shine
And I promise you
I won’t burn

The author's comments:

This poem was written to express my experiences of self-worthlessness and I wish to motivate others to rise for themselves.

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