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To Fly

January 5, 2018
By RebelHeart GOLD, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
RebelHeart GOLD, Upperdeerfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Anfangen ist leicht Beharren eine kunst"

Because sometimes you start to fly
And realize your wings were simply a web of lies
Tell me, when you shake off the illusion,
Who's going to save you
When you come crashing to the ground
Who's going to catch you
When your heart catches up with reality
And realizes dreams are just that
That life's nothing but an anchor
Weighing you to the ground
So that only when you shut your eyes
Can you lift your feet off the burden
And grow out real wings to fly

The author's comments:

A poem from a while ago when my teacher asked us to write a poem about dreams and deception... 

Just because you don't have wings, though, doesn't mean you can't keep reaching for the sky.

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