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January 5, 2018
By FeltonsFirebolt SILVER, Los Alamitos, California
FeltonsFirebolt SILVER, Los Alamitos, California
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Dear little brother,


‘Don’t be so spoiled’,

That’s what they always say,

But you act the opposite,

Spoiled every day!


Complain complain complain,

Even when you get what you want.

More toys, more games,

Let’s go to your favorite restaurant!


It’s time to pause and think

About your behavior

Or else everything will

Work to your disfavor.


So take some time to,

Consider the thoughts of others,

Because there will be a day

Where you can’t depend on your mother.


Working hard and helping out

Will also get you what you desire.

So toughen up, do something,

And stop being such a crier!


Yours truly,

Your annoyed sister

The author's comments:

A little note I wrote to my brother one day.

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