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Parents of None

April 30, 2018
By BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
BreezyMonk GOLD, Uniontown, Ohio
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Silent suffering of the mind

He chose to leave this world behind

With blade in hand, sleeves rolled tight

He gave his parents one last goodnight

They felt uneasy about their child

But chalked it up to thoughts ran wild

And so they let him go to bed

Not knowing at dawn he'd be found dead

With a note addressed to them in skin

Telling his troubles, his doubts, and sins

How they screamed in disbelief

Their son, their baby, swallowed by grief

With tears of anguish mixed with blood

They kissed the boy to show he'd been love

And held his hands beneath their own

Cursing themselves for they should have known

The way he smiled when he should've cried

Told them his feelings but kept it inside

Now they live with an empty room

Heart in splinters, head consumed

In why's, and how's, and old memories

As time moves forward and ages trees

They lament how they failed their son

And how he was the lucky one

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