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If It Was You...

October 11, 2017
By SallyW. BRONZE, Atlanta, New York
SallyW. BRONZE, Atlanta, New York
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What if it was you who was bullied day by day?

What if it was you who cut to ease the pain?

Would you beg the bully not to hurt you anymore,

As you stand there, tense and frightened, as your tears fell to the floor?

What if it was you who thought of suicide?

Only choosing not to 'cause you're too afraid to die.

Would you curse yourself for being cowardly and weak,

Then reassure yourself with any hope you dare to speak?

What if it was you who was too axious to sleep,

As you worry over every little secret that you keep?

Would you long to tell your family about the bully and the scars,

Or would you be too ashamed to show them who you really are?

What if it was you who held your tears in with your eyes shut,

As you pulled on a sweatshirt to hide the tell-tale cuts?

Would you try to tell your friends as they took in your anxious frown?

Or would you quickly smile, so as not to bring them down?

What if it was you who hid all your depression?

What if it was you who lied to every caring question?

Would you become a broken person who cries yourself to sleep?

Or would you gradually grow thinner as you refuse to eat?

What if it was you who realized as you glanced down at the knife,

That all this could have been avoided when the bully first entered your life?

Would you put the blade away, determined to get help?

And finally tell someone about all the pain you held?

What if it was you?

The author's comments:

I wrote this over a year ago after reading an article about bullying. It can cause so much damage to a person, even if you don't realize it. So please, put yourself in their shoes and realize what bullying is doing to them. Don't bully anyone, instead help those that are being bullied. And if you're a victim of bullying, then speak up. Don't let the bully win, tell an adult, or a trusted friend about the problem. Turn to your family and friends and not a blade, that'll only make things worse. Help end bullying before it takes another person's life.

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