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Golden Zephyr

June 9, 2018
By CosmoPhoenix PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Kerala, Other
CosmoPhoenix PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Kerala, Other
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Dear Freedom,

The heart’s letter I write to thee.

I feel not sans my virtuous wings,

Said a sweet bird to me.

Mournfully lifeless am I,

Until my sanctum petals sing,

Grimaced the glowing water lily.

Better die than live

In a land that fosters not the lovely spring,

Chanted the dauntless doe in the woods.

Where is my existence

In this world of immortal greeds,

But for the precious spaces untouched by man,

Quoted the wise winds heading north.

My heart’s well is brimming

With the pure ecstasy of life,

As I wave my old branches gaily,

Chirped the mighty tree by the river.

Dried up like the desert sands am I,

When my course turns arid,

Reminded the relentless river.

Never can I be the magnificent king,

You all worship in thy souls,

If the sky is not all mine,

Said the fierce Sun up yonder.

The divine message of peace never spreads,

Save for the panoply of our vibrant colours,

That glimmer like mirrors in the morning light,

Smiled the playful butterflies.

A creeper will I forever be,

If I have not the right to climb,

Over that selfless tree; my friend,

Observed the stolid climber.

My heights bear no meaning,

Sans my thirst to tower the foes of mine,

Roared the unique mountain clad in mist.

All my worldly discoveries,

Would have been a dreamy myth,

But for the sailing of my bubbling spirits,

Cried the impalpable white cloud.

My tireless hooves drove me through

Earthly experiences unimagined,

Neighed the handsome steed.

But for the wilful resilience I host,

That aided me shine above the stars,

An oblivious patch would I be,

Whispered the most beautiful moon.

No purpose to my perennial curiosities,

Until I wash the generous shores,

That give life to the inanimate,

Humbly thanked the loyal waves in the ocean.

As I quietly listen to the delicate metres

Of Nature’s serene speeches,

I feel the wings of freedom unfold

From my dormant spine that lay crippled,

Through aeons dark as the louring skies.

From every object of reality, I learnt,

You are the sole way to lead.

I am but a flowing river,

Oh, dear Freedom, and

You, are the ocean infinite,

As my truthful soul kneels before your empire.

You gifted me a life to live, that

I hope receives justice from my self,

To march ahead not diverted

By words that run against.

On top of the cloudless cliff,

I stand with you,

Mapping my own destiny,

As the golden zephyr of freedom,

Brushed past me.

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