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It's Just Overwhelming

June 10, 2020
By jesssielfisher BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
jesssielfisher BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
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Right now I've got that overwhelmed feeling

So much to deal with, no means of dealing

Groceries to buy, rooms to clean, texts to send

Relationships to start and ones to end

Music needing listens, dog needing walks

Unexplored galaxies filled with unturned rocks

Questions unanswered and homework not done

Jackets not lost and games not won

Boys unkissed and drinks still full

Doors not pushed even though it says pull

Voids of silence not startled by thank you and please

Sunsets without watches and mountains without sees

A life needing certainty and a world needing travel

Skinned knees needing band-aids and cement needing gravel

Love not yet fallen and trees not yet climbed

College applications unfinished and poems unrhymed

A plant still a seed and a cookie still dough

There are tests unstudied and money I owe

I have restoration to do after massive brainstorming

And not-happy-endings in need of transforming

I've had so much happen without a reaction

And all of this thought without any action

My to-do lists have piled high into the airs

So that, from down below, they look like stairs

With nowhere to go, I decided to climb

I ran up those stairs taking two at a time

When I reached the top, I was sweaty and panting

But the view from up there was quite enchanting

All that was under my feet suddenly seemed small

And I wasn't overwhelmed but in control of it all

I turned and descending, read the lists as I ran

And when I reached the ground, I took a breath and began

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