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September 27, 2009
By LonelyGirl93 PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
LonelyGirl93 PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
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Tonight is the night to believe
It’s the night of Christmas Eve.
It’s the night of nights
It’s the night of delights
It’s the night of Christmas Eve.

I heard something on my roof
I even heard a sound go “Oooof!”
What’s that I hear? A scrapping hoove?!
I think I just heard it move!

I heard a fussing shimmy
I hear it coming down my chimney.
I also heard a thump
And some chiming bells go clump.

I heard a satisfying “gulp”
I didn’t have milk so I hope he likes OJ (no pulp)
I hear a rattle that sounds like junk
I heard the items in the bag go “thump”.

I know he knows if you’re sleeping so I stayed in bed
I hear some more noise… I thought the roof was going to fall on my head.

I dimmed up my light and looked out my window
A jolly, jolly voice goes, “Ho, ho, ho!!!”
I was so excited I was going to blow!

So that’s why you must believe

On the very night of Christmas Eve
So go to your beds and go to sleep
But remember one thing: you must believe.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote in the 7th grade. It was a school class assignment to write a poem about Christmas.

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