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How could you?

June 19, 2012
By AnaAaliyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnaAaliyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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How could someone be so heartless?so cold?
to betray their own family and have the nerve to yell and scold
How could you smile to my face and stab me in the back
Rip out my heart stomp on it and watch it crack
How could you lie and deceive me like that
I bend over backwards for you but in my face you spat
How could you point fingers and laugh at my pain?
Sit there with satisfaction and watch my happiness drain
How could you take all iv done for you and throw it away?
then you steel and bask in my sun while I'm surrounded by gray
How could you happily hurt me with all that you said?
you punctured my heart and out my pain bled
When you used me and left me my heart was shattered
my trust was gone and my soul battered
but look at me now since the gray has gone
my heart is whole and my soul is strong
You see I found my true friends that love me for me
not my money, clothes, or popularity
I know who I am and I am proud to say
that i no longer have anger towards you instead for your soul I pray

The author's comments:
this is about everyone that has hurt me in the past even though it hurt me a lot i have learned to forgive and forget and that is what this poem represents

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