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From my heart to my love

June 20, 2012
By AnaAaliyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnaAaliyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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when your hurt my heart aches
When your gone my heart breaks
When I look at you all i do is smile
to be with you id walk 1,000 miles
My eyes sparkle and my heart starts to race
When I see your oh so perfect face
Yes your attractive this is true
but there's so much more to why I love you
You've gone through so much as have I
whether it being abandonment, hurtful words, or a lie
I see you for who you really are
and yes i understand your still healing scars
but i want you to know you make me so proud
you have such a pure heart that sets you apart from the crowd
before you i never felt love for any man but my dad
but now I'm falling and its the best feeling iv ever had
i think of you and i feel protected
you picked up my shattered heart and it was resurrected
you came into my life when i was in the most pain
and now instead of wounds on my heart is your name
I built a barrier and never gave anyone my heart but when i met you that barrier fell apart
Everyone says there will be other guys and when it comes to love i don't have a clue
but i can't Imagine being with anyone but you
you see when it comes to love I know I've found the one
I think of you from the setting of the moon to the rising of the sun
When it comes to you ill never be mad for long
all i have to do is think of you and the anger is gone
You understand me like no one else you see what others don't
Just like in you I see what others won't
with you I feel a certain happiness iv never felt before
Every once of sadness that once controlled me i have learned to ignore
I can go on forever talking about how my love is true
but ill sum it up in three words "I LOVE YOU"

The author's comments:
This is a poem straight from my heart. This guy I'm writing about make me feel so amazing i can't even explain in words the chemistry i feel with him.I could barley breathe around him he makes me feel secure and protected. He is a very strong individual and we have so much in common whether it being emotional or mental we have a very strong connection.Even through my darkest days(which there are quite a few considering I'm battling depression) even the thought of him makes me smile and makes me happy on the inside. This poem explains my feelings.

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