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comfort in the unknown

April 11, 2021
By incomplete_aesthete BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
incomplete_aesthete BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
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- 'bon iver' by mxmtoon

I've wandered far from home

longing for a friend

where do I belong

I'm scared to start again

there’s comfort in what’s known

there’s comfort in what’s been

there’s comfort in what’s normal

comfort in what’s seen

me and all my doubts

more than just a few

I can't figure out

how to start anew

cause what do I know?

where am I supposed to be?

none of this is normal

give me eyes to see

how much longer can I take it?

I'm not sure what to do

maybe I could make it

if I were more like you

what’s it like to be normal?

what’s it like to be free?

what’s it like to wake up

as who you’re meant to be?

help me to stand back up

help me to be like you

find comfort in the unknown

comfort in the new

The author's comments:

As a a teenager, I find joy in new and exciting experiences.  I want to live my life and make memories.  But as someone who struggles with generalized anxiety and depression, new experiences can lead me to feel nervous, uncomfortable, or even unsafe in my own skin.  It's a strange cycle that I've yet to work around.

I've recently found myself captivated by— and jealous of— people who seem to glow with warmth, happiness, and wellbeing.  What's it like to wake up each day and be happy without even trying?  I've never known, and I secretly want someone to befriend me and make me just a bit more like them.

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