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January 14, 2022
By BasherStorm SILVER, Delhi, Other
BasherStorm SILVER, Delhi, Other
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Gandhi Ji’s call was heard by all,

And it marked the beginning of the Britisher’s fall

The people of our country gave a tough fight

There was nothing for them such as day and night

Our people were always out fighting in the field

Protecting our country like a shield

This led to a lot of deaths and sacrifice 

And rage of the people started to maximized 

The rallies and the strikes started to strengthen 

Which got opposed by the British repression 

Yet, we didn’t give up and did our best

Finally India as a whole passed the test

It was cause of  people’s perseverance 

Which resulted in the Britishers disappearance 

The main credit was people’s wisdom 

And thus, ended this walk to freedom

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