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June 10, 2022
By IzzyMossie137 GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
IzzyMossie137 GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
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Oh, i dont know how i call this
It is a different sort of bliss
When both my eyes met both of his
We matched like rye bread and Swiss
He was a lock, I was the key
Oh, his smiles give butterflies to me
He turned me to a bird that can be free
And to him, I shall flee
He said you are nice, you look nice
Like the blue, blue skies
Pour in some spice
So the food would taste better
He eyed me thrice, eyed my thrice
And then, he rolled the dice
And he gave me highs
When I was low, low, low, low
He got me dancing on my head
My head, my head
With all the joy, ive become red
So red, so red

The author's comments:

I challenged Meghan aka @CaliFranceGurl648, a fellow teen ink user, my friend to write lyrics based on the rhythm of hymn for a weekend by coldplay which she hasnt listened to but anyhow, shes doing it and meanwhile, i think i should post some lyrics based on the same songs tune and rhythm so here it is and may the best one be celebrated better. <3

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on Jun. 17 2022 at 8:52 am
CaliFranceGurl648 GOLD, San Diego, California
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Izzy, why are you doing this to me! This is nice. I think youd win. 😒
But love it <3