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People Pushing

November 30, 2009
By DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Just another casualty.
It's sad but true.
And even dead I'm still ahead
of most of you.

The night you got mad at me
You turned two years into nothingness
You turned away from everything
And into a totally different person
You took everything away from me
Two years that are empty

We used to be in love
Now I'm just in love with you
But that cant be true
Since you turned on me
And into this new you:

Selfish, liar
You shut the door
Don't come no more
Around here
I cry every night
By myself
Now you sit on my shelf
With the light you have taken for yourself

All your stuff is still in the box that
I never got around to unpacking
Your necklace
I threw in the trash
Then I took it back out and I cried to myself

You know this is the end
But I find myself praying
That someday we can make amends
It just hurts too much to contemplate
A future with you
When you tore me into pieces
And burned me like you do

I fight for this light to stay
But it always goes away
To someplace that needs it more than me
There's another girl out there
Who needs this day more than I do
So I'll take this night
And put up the fight
And push this darkness away
Just like you pushed me
But I know when I wake up
The light will be there waiting
But people pushing is different
Because once you push them away
They're there to stay
No more debating.

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Just :/

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