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Just Say I Do

December 1, 2009
By Reaa.Mae.Kuzyk GOLD, Arborg, Manitoba, Other
Reaa.Mae.Kuzyk GOLD, Arborg, Manitoba, Other
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As you come closer to me.
You whisper, “I love you.”
I tell you, “I love you too.”

You wrap your arms around me and you hold me tight.
I know there’s nothing to harm me,
And I’m safe in your arms tonight.
I never want to let you go.
And you whisper, “Babe, I gotta let you know…”

~Chorus 1~
Everyday I’m thinking of you,
And I can’t stand to be apart from you.
Whether it’s fifteen minutes, or for an hour,
Forty days or forty years, I love you.
Never let me go; I need you.

~Verse 2~
The morning comes and wakes us from our dream.
I look over beside me and smile,
As I smile as I watch you sleep.
I tell you “It’s time to wake up,
It’s a brand new day.”

You get up and smile as you rub your eyes.
You lean over to me and kiss my cheek,
And call me a brat for waking you.
And I just laugh at that,
Say, “I don’t mind being your brat…”

~Chorus 2~
As long as I can wake right beside you,
Kiss your lips and hold you in the morning sun.
Babe, you make me smile and I can’t live without you.
I want to be the one for you, I love you.
Never let me go; I need you.

You tell me not to say another word.
You tell me to close my eyes and keep ‘em closed.
When I open my eyes,
I see a little box in your hand.
You say, “I love you, and with you I wanna grow old.
Oh I love you, and with you I wanna grow old!”

~Chorus 3~
‘Cause everyday I’ve been dreamin’ of you,
Walking down that isle and being my wife.
I’ve been waiting for this moment forever,
I’m pledging my heart to you, Oh I love you!
Baby, just say I do? Ohh I need you.

<Ohh, just say I do.>


The author's comments:
I don't honestly know why I wrote it. Just had the urge.

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