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Perfection is Poison

January 16, 2010
By Jennifer Christensen BRONZE, Blackstone, Massachusetts
Jennifer Christensen BRONZE, Blackstone, Massachusetts
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Pretty girls
Wearing bloodstained pearls
Walk the streets of NYC
Did you see what you did to me?

It’s poison, it’s poison

Felt like a beautiful disgrace
Tears fall down my mascara face
Life is such a masquerade
And today’s the day of the big parade

It’s poison, it’s poison

There’s no such thing as vanity
As long as you stick with me
But then you left,
Your cold-hearted theft,

It was poison, it was poison

I died with blood-red lipstick on
After the ball, at the crack of dawn
My body fell, light as a feather
But sadness gripped me tight as leather

The poison, the poison

You ripped my dress
You will never confess
How you offered me champagne
That cold night in the rain

It was poison, it was poison

And now pretty girls
Still wear bloodstained pearls
But my zombie head still holds the crown
I’ll find you someday and take you down

With poison…

With poison.

The author's comments:
I kept thinking about how a lot of girls act a certain way to be 'cool' and they often try so hard to be perfect, that they become unhappy with themselves.

also, I'm into sci-fi horror stories and i thought it would be interesting to see it from a dead person's point of view. Especially a dead person who used to be one of the 'it' girls.

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