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Thank You

March 27, 2010
By DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
DinosoarJen DIAMOND, Scottsville, New York
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Just another casualty.
It's sad but true.
And even dead I'm still ahead
of most of you.

If I was crying would your heart break?
If I was dying would your body ache?
If I broke down in the street like an earthquake,
Would you carry me home anyways?
If I was older would you consider me?
If I was better than I’d ever been...
If a bomb came down inside of me,
Would you stay to pick up the pieces?
I think of all the things I could have done.
I think of all the things that went wrong.
Think of looking at your face when that song came on.
You wont ever be replaced.
Not for a second.
In my heart that summer will be yours.
Even though the circumstances have changed,
I don’t think my heart can be rearranged.
It’s not as simple as a quick exchange.
The memories always remind me
That being in love is frightening.
But the more I think about yesterday,
It makes being alone less scary.
Every summer day that I spent with you,
Every fight it got us into,
Every box of broken tissues,
I just wanted to say thank you.

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on Aug. 17 2010 at 10:30 pm
Boosflash DIAMOND, Papillion, Nebraska
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What the front door.

i love it when people thank others for all the bad thats been done to them. i love this and i can really appreciate your work captain. do your dance.