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Long-Distance Love

July 19, 2010
By PunkRockLobster GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
PunkRockLobster GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Carpe diem quam minime credula postero (Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future)
And if not now, when?

You make me smile, whether you see it or not
A hundred miles in the beat of a heart
You make me laugh, though I can only read your words
But thanks to your letters, you know that I heard :)

You write,
I'm on top of the world with you, baby
The top of the sky
I'm spendin' it all on you, baby
Cashed in the last dime
I'm loving life with you, baby,
Lived no regrets
I'm falling in love with you, baby
And I haven't stopped yet

I been racking my brain and thinkin forever
Still can't explain, and I don't think I could ever know why
Someone like you could be so much like me
But somehow way better than I could ever deserve to receive
Yes it's true, that my sun it gets brighter
Every single time your arms pull me tighter
And my grass grows a little greener
Every time I get to see you smiling

I'm on top of the world with you baby,
On top of my sky
I'm spendin' all on you baby,
Cashed in the last dime
I'm loving this life withh you baby,
Life is the best
I'm falling in love with you baby,
Have you fallen yet?

The author's comments:
Long distance relationships,, I miss him. I wonder if he feels the same way?

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