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Im So Cold

October 6, 2010
By Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
Clover.lace GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
My future seems like one big past.- Paul McCartney

The middle of the day,
Feels like the dead of night.
You've let yet another one slip away,
All you ever seem to do is fight.

I'm begging to feel so cold,
Oh please, won't you lend me your coat?
I don't feel just quite right.
Where are the words of love we wrote?

You put on a soft, slow song,
And lie awake in your empty bed.
The silent nights seem forever long,
While restless thought flow through your head.

The world is begging to feel so cold,
Oh please, won't you let me in?
Your not at all who I thought you were.
My dear, can't you see that this is the end?

Why do you try so hard to hold on?
When you know there's nothing left here.
Can't you see this love is long gone?
You're lonliness has filled you with fear.

I'm so cold when I stand alone.
When have you ever known what you wanted?
Its cold outside so I'm going home.
By you forever my dreams will be

The author's comments:
I wanna write songs just like Paul McCartney!! and my inspiration for this song came from someone i know.

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