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i use to love you.. now your nothing to me

November 14, 2010
By drewnapier BRONZE, LEETON, Other
drewnapier BRONZE, LEETON, Other
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I've always been in love with you, since the first time we meet...
Ill never consider treating you like an object..
To me you aren't my project...
I know that I am the one for you..
You may not know it... But I do.
I don't want to shape you into something different...
You are perfect to me. To me I feel strong about that where meant to be...
You have the most beautiful eyes. And I know you.
My mates say this is to many tries...
And yes I know you don't like some of the things you have done...
All the secrets on my shoulders weight a tone...
But I mean to my last breath, I will keep them till the day of my death
So what do you say about giving it a try...
And not let it happen to end teary and ready to cry..

The author's comments:
i wrote this to my x when we broke up the first time it didnt work out... im glad it didnt knowing i would of been hurt more

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