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Wisin Up

June 6, 2011
By kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
kookymnstr PLATINUM, Crowder, Oklahoma
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Am i really what you want, now,
Am i really what you need,
You say it like you mean it,
But your action speak differently,

Looks like im wisin up, now,
Looks like your finally realizing,
I won't always be by your side,
I know it might be shocking,

Chorus- Give me give me give me some more, baby, or i just might leave, ahh come on come on come on lock the door, Honey and throw away the key, lose myself tonight, just one last time, Give me give me give me all your love, Sweety, or im gone im gone

I get what you mean, now
I see what your saying,
But dont forget how,
Im not staying,

You get im serious, now,
That im walking out the door,
Baby, i may be delerious,
But i know i dont want you anymore,

Chorus- You missed, You missed your chance with me, so baby face the facts, You better, better lock the door, honey and lose the key,

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